MySecurity is a new service that helps you protect your computer from damage caused by viruses, worms, Trojans and Spyware.

Running scheduled antivirus and spyware scans using MySecurity can block viruses from your computer and, if a virus intrudes your system, have the ability to remove them.

MySecurity Antivirus Protection $3.00/month

Order Service Today - Call 940.564.5659

Please contact our customer care offices at 940.564.5659 to order/discontinue MySecurity/MyBackup

MySecurity Terms of Agreement


MyBackup is a new service that provides secure data
storage services for Brazos Internet customers.

Storing your files using MyBackup will help you reduce the
risk of losing important documents, photos, spreadsheets,
and other important information.

MyBackup Data Storage: 1GB $3.00/month
5GB $7.50/month
10GB $15.00/month
20GB $30.00/month
50GB $75.00/month
Set-up Fee $10.00

First 50MB of Storage Free!

MyBackup service available to customers who subscribe to high-speed internet from Brazos

MyBackup Terms of Agreement

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