Teen Solutions

Have a teenager in the house receiving lots of calls? Feel as if you're the social secretary? Never answer another call that's not for you. Our teen service option will let you know who needs to answer the phone by the ring you hear.

Recurring Monthly Fee
Service Description Residential Business
Teen Service:
Know who the call is for as soon as it rings. Two different phone numbers can be assigned to your home telephone line. When someone dials your main telephone number, you'll hear normal ringing (one long ring). When someone dials the other telephone number, you'll hear a special ring that identifies that number (such as two short rings).
$4.00 Call for Details
Teen Service Pak 1:
Includes touch tone, 3-way Calling, toll restriction
$2.00 N/A
Teen Service Pak 2:
Includes touch tone, call waiting, speed call 8, toll restriction
$3.00 N/A

Call to have these services added to your existing plan at

Some features not available in all areas. Teen Service Pak 1 and Teen Service Pak 2 are bundled calling feature packages that do not include the Teen Service calling feature.

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