belkin n 300 router with edit changesOne of the more common questions received in our Internet call center is: Why is my Internet slow after setting up my wireless router? While Brazos Internet offers fast speeds, if your wireless router is out of date or is not set up correctly, you may have problems getting the speed you are suppose to be getting.

1- Check the channel and frequency of your router.

Routers have many channels, and sometimes just changing the channel makes all the difference. Most routers have channel 6 set as the default. This can lead to interference or congestion especially in apartment buildings. A simple change to 1 or 11 may help. Also checking the frequency of your router is important. Most routers transmit data at either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. Most experts agree that 2.4 GHz is better for larger homes with multiple levels, and 5 GHz works well for smaller homes or rooms because it offers faster speed but at a shorter distance or range.

2. Change the location of your router.

Place your router in a central location of your home or business, away from thick walls made of brick, concrete or glass.  Avoid surrounding it with metal objects and placing it not near a microwave.  Microwaves run on a frequency similar to wireless routers and the smallest amount of radiation emitted can interfere with your signal.  Remember Wi-Fi radio waves  travel out and down…so, placing your router on a wall or high shelf can give you a better signal.  If you have a two-story home you may want to consider an upstairs location.

3. Secure your Router.

Your wireless router should be secured with a password. This keeps other people and devices from accessing your network and slowing it down.

4. Get a new Router.

This is something to seriously consider. Most consumers do not realize how many devices they are trying to run on their home networks. Example: If you have a family of four and each of you have a laptop, smart phone, tablet or gaming device you will quickly exceed your routers capacity. Remember your router is the command center for these devices and everything runs through it. Seeing a strong wi-fi signal does not mean it is fast. If you have tried all the previous steps and it’s not helping, your router may not be able to handle all the traffic.  Also, if you have a fiber internet connection you may need to purchase a new router,  many do not now work well with fiber optic connections.

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