Image of CommandIQ App on Phone with Blog Title

Here at Brazos we are excited about sharing one of our newer products – The Brazos CommandIQ App. This is a mobile app that is used in conjunction with your Calix router and gives you insight and control over your home Wi-Fi. The Brazos CommandIQ App is free and can be downloaded for Apple or Android products.

The Brazos CommandIQ mobile app offers users several ways that give them more control.

1. Convenience: CommandIQ allows users to access their data and control their smart devices from anywhere, at any time. From the device list in the app users can see the device name, signal strength, and internet usage.

2. Customization: Users can customize and personalize their experience by creating custom automations and routines. One of the best uses for the app is the ability to control screen time on specific devices. On the app users can set limits by creating schedules and pausing internet access to any selected devices all from one dashboard. Users can also create guest networks. This can be very useful during the holidays or when having guests over. Create a network specific for that event and keep the network private.

3. Improved organization: The app helps users keep track of their devices and data in one centralized location. Ever wondered what upload and download speeds you are getting? With the app users can run a bandwidth test with a few easy steps.

4. Increased security: CommandIQ provides users with security features to protect their data and devices. With the app users can see who is on their network and what devices are connected. This is great for use inside the home, as well as checking if anyone outside the home might be using their network.

How the CommandIQ mobile app helps the Brazos team provide the best customer experience.

1. Remote assistance: The app allows the Brazos team to easily diagnose and fix issues with customer’s smart devices.

2.Quick access to signal information: The service team can check Wi-Fi signal strength and data usage quantities. This supports the team’s ability to make informed decisions and provide accurate support for the customer.

3. Improved efficiency: By using the app, the Brazos team can complete tasks and provide support more quickly, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

If you need more information on how to use and customize the app to fit your needs make sure to visit for helpful videos and instructions. If you have questions or need more help give us a call at 800.687.3222 to speak with a Brazos customer care representative today.