One of the purposes of this web blog is to share the latest tips, tricks and technology available with our customers. Especially, those we have first-hand experience using.

If you’ve ever been wakened in the middle of the night from an unforgettable horrible sound….only to discover it’s your husband hitting a new octave of snoring, then….this iPhone app is for you.

During my quest for a white noise machine, my Pinterest friends told me about the Relax Melodies application available at Who knew there was an app to help you sleep better? According to Relax Melodies “they are the leader in personalized relaxation and sleep assistance.” You can download the free app or upgrade to a full version of Relax Melodies Premium for $2.00. So far, the free version works well for me since it has 44 different sounds to choose from. Some of the features included in this free app are: An Alarm and Timer screen, a Favorites screen, Web page and Social Media links, plus Settings and Help pages.

A bedside docking or charging station works well since it will use your battery stores. Now, with “Rain on Roof” selected and my favorite sleep mask handy a good night’s rest is assured. To learn more about the Relax Melodies white noise ambience for sleep, meditation or yoga click here.

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