Huge beautiful oak trees, porch swings, Cajun accents and the smell of crawfish boiling are the sights and sounds of heaven to a southern girl.  Unfortunately, the tranquility of it all is easily ruined by one phone call with lousy cell phone reception.  You know the kind of call I’m talking about… the one where every other word cuts out and it’s from a kiddo whose tone of voice tells you they are panicking about something.      

Wrinkled brow lines and whispered prayers unleashed the sweetest Cajun sentence I have heard in a while “Ma shai, we have unlimited calling on the hume phone ….go-head and use it, please”.  An automatic interpretive reply of “You have unlimited long distance on your home phone?”  ended with a sigh of relief and a slight Cajun lilt.

Once again, a reliable landline telephone became my lifeline and default communication tool.  It was the perfect reminder of a Cajun custom called Lagniappe (lan-yap) a little something extra, an unexpected gift or bonus, and this time it was right when I needed it.

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