Brazos Communications treated the town of Archer City to Pop’s Homemade Ice Cream last Friday afternoon, a refreshing treat amid the scorching temperature. Brazos is celebrating the final stages of bringing fiber optics Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) to the residents of Archer City.

Fiber-optic lines are strands of optically pure glass as thin as a human hair, carrying digital information over long distances. Fiber internet represents the future of internet connections. It provides the fastest download and upload speeds, the best reliability, with no data caps or sharing.

Billie Mullins, Marketing and Public Relations Director for Brazos said that there are three cabinets of fiber optics in Archer City. One cabinet has been tested and they are now in the process of changing customers over. The other two cabinets are in the process of being tested and will be ready for all other customers very, very soon.

Mullins said that Brazos will call and schedule a time convenient for customers to make this change. But she was also clear that current customers are not obligated to change their slower internet plant to the faster fiber plans. Mullins says that fiber optic internet is more robust especially for gamers, streamers and or a house full of connected devices. “It is just a better overall online experience,” she said.

For pricing and more information on fiber-optics, including pricing, go to https://www.brazosnet.comand click on “Fiber” where you can pull up the informative brochure with helpful information and prices.

Story courtesy of the Archer County News –