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Managed Services for Information Technology

Brazos Internet is pleased to extend their many years of IT Infrastructure Management experience to help businesses manage their IT services and functions so the company can focus more staff and resources on core operations. Businesses of all sizes rely heavily on their computer applications, infrastructure and other technology to operate effectively. Traditionally, organizations would staff, build and maintain an IT department and infrastructure to support this technology. Often times this creates significant recruiting, training and retention challenges – and causes organizations to take focus away from core business practices.

The bottom line is organizations can often operate with greater efficiency and focus when leveraging Brazos Internet to manage their IT needs, verses trying to build and manage their own. Through Brazos Internet’s Managed Services Solutions, you will have the peace of mind that business users will have uninterrupted access to information at all times. When an issue does occur, a highly-refined process will be followed that utilizes experienced personnel to address and correct the problem in the quickest fashion possible. Don’t let the task of managing your technology slow your business down. Brazos Internet is here to help, and can save you valuable time and money in the process.


  • Infrastructure Managed Services: Make sure your core technology infrastructure including storage servers, LAN/WAN and wireless networks and back-ups are properly maintained and managed without having to dedicate full-time employees to the task
  • Network Monitoring: Implement an internally or externally-managed system to track the health of your IT network.
  • Email Management Services: Leverage our professionals to manage and maintain your Microsoft Exchange or other email, calendar and contact systems to ensure that they remain updated, organized and available.
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery: Plan and deploy strategies and technologies to keep your business running during the most challenging crises.
  • Enterprise Content Management Managed Services: Utilize us to maintain and manage all aspects of your content management systems from day-to-day administration, new account creation and document uploading; to remote monitoring, system updates, and troubleshooting.


  • Better utilization of money and resources for core operations
  • Improve quality and delivery of technology applications and services to end-users
  • Gain peace of mind that highly skilled professionals are taking care of technology assets
  • Better manage the scalability and flexibility of your IT support system as you grow

Other Related Services

  • Staff Augmentation: Utilize our consultants as additional staff on your IT project teams so you have the capacity to complete critical projects with optimal efficiency
  • Project Management Services: Brazos Internet can ensure successful implementations by developing detailed project plans and managing the lifecycle of complex technology implementations

If you are interested in learning more about Brazos Internet Managed Services Solutions, please email or call 940-564-7347.

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