Email Management Services

Manage and maintain your Microsoft Exchange or other email, calendar and contact systems to ensure that they remain updated, organized and available.

Managing your entire organization’s email, calendar, and contact systems; maintaining consistent updates; setting up new users; guaranteeing message security; and deploying multi-user upgrades requires tremendous focus and attention from a skilled team of technology staff. Brazos Internet has the experience and capacity to take on these critical management functions allowing your organization to free up internal resources, save money, and improve email system performance and management.

Our team of professionals have years of experience installing, configuring and maintaining Exchange and other email systems scaling from single to multiple locations. And with our managed service program, you will be able to ensure maximum up-time, performance and timeliness across all your enterprise wide email systems without the hassle of hiring, training and managing a large internal staff to provide the same level of service.


  • Best in class processes and consistency of technical oversight
  • Access 24-7 support and seasoned technical resources through our comprehensive Help Desk
  • Reduce expenses by utilizing incremental outside resources vs. full-time internal staff
  • Transfer risk and mitigate the potential for downtime and system failures
  • Improve operational productivity and return on technology investment by ensuring maximum system effectiveness