Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management

We can organize content to turn business information into institutional knowledge.

Brazos Internet helps businesses create structure around their informational assets so they can be more effectively leveraged as knowledge across the entire organization. With so much content created and accumulated over time, it becomes extremely important for businesses to effectively manage this content from creation to destruction, while ensuring adherence to proper security and regulatory compliance protocols.

At Brazos Internet, a leader among enterprise content management companies, we aren’t focused on selling software systems for the sake of selling software systems. We are focused on helping our clients identify the right people and processes needed to address their content management needs, first; then, we recommend the right technology to fit the situation. By properly synchronizing your business goals and strategies with robust technologies, Brazos Internet will have your organization performing more efficiently and making better business decisions that will deliver the best return on your investment.


  • Enterprise Content & Document Management Services: Map, migrate and manage important documents and content through a central repository for maximized access and control from creation to destruction
  • Knowledge Management: Harness greater value from institutional knowledge and intellectual property across the entire enterprise for improved performance
  • Records Management: Set strategies, create retention schedules, assess organizational impacts, and implement technologies to control your organization’s data base


  • Reduce organizational risk and improve levels of regulatory compliance
  • Realign and repurpose information for improved performance
  • Leverage information to make better business decisions
  • Leverage and improve existing operational workflows to keep enterprise content relevant and up-to-date