A good neighbor clearing the road so others could get to work.

This last week Texans across the state felt a strong kinship with our neighbors to the north east.  Comments heard around the coffee bar like “This is day three”, and “Gosh! Enough all ready” revealed the frustration felt by many.  While co-workers exchanged snow pictures and shared stories of near misses, we silently exhaled relief for our good fortune, and were humbled by the strength of the human spirit.

You know that spirit that rises to the top like precious metals do when subjected to extreme heat.  We saw ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things to help their families, friends and neighbors out of a jam.  Things like individuals working through the night to make sure we had power and stayed warm.  There were neighbors who went out of their way to check on seniors and deliver food to those who were isolated.  Civil servants who went-beyond the scope of their jobs to offer assistance to those trapped in snow drifts.  Friends, who were quick to offer support, comfort and prayer for those struggling with the loss of loved ones.

Local EMT’s on the job helping others.

If you Google the word “Friendship”  you’ll find many pages listed that talk about celebrating friendship, the meaning of friendship, friendship quotes, friendship cards, magazines with articles on friendship, and yes, a few who take a stab at what the true meaning of friendship is.  During my search the words to an old tune suddenly came to mind “If you’re ever in a jam here I am, if you’re ever up a tree call on me”.   Serious reflection reminded me of a higher wisdom that tells me “not to forsake your friend and the friend of your father”.

As light comes across my computer screen, I realize it is light from the sun.  Yeah! It is shining.  Oh no, the weather man says round two will be here soon.  Not to worry; we live in the “Friendly State”.

Snow or ice Brazos Tech’s are on the job.