DSL Maintenance

The Brazos Telephone Cooperative, Inc is offering a new plan to help customers reduce the cost of replacement modems, and cover any service calls and labor charges involved in repairing and isolating DSL trouble.

Incidents Covered

  • Incorrect self-install of modem
  • Service call and labor charges
  • Voice/Data Wire Maintenance

Equipment Covered

  • Brazos DSL Modem
  • Ethernet Cable, Power Cord, and Phone line that are connected to the modem
  • Additional line filters, if needed
Premium: $4.95 per month


  • A customer will be allowed 2 modem replacements within a calendar year (January 1 — December 31) at a reduced cost of $25.00 for the standard modem, or $50.00 for the VDSL modem per replacement. Modem replacements after the initial 2 in a calendar year, will be at the cost of $60.00 for the standard modem, or $75.00 for the VDSL modem.
  • Equipment must have been provided or sold to the customer by Brazos (modems, line filters, etc.)
  • Modem becomes the property of the customer upon delivery. Modems have a 90 day warranty. Warranty is void if modem is physically damaged.
  • Plan does not cover modems damaged by customer negligence or abuse.
  • Plan does not cover customer PCs, networking, or gaming equipment.


  • Maintenance Plan will become effective on the date the signed agreement is received in the business office.
  • Customer must have the Brazos DSL Maintenance Plan on their account(s) for a minimum of 30 days prior to filing a claim.
  • To take advantage of the Brazos DSL Maintenance Plan, customer’s account must be current (not delinquent).
  • Telephone wiring must be installed in accordance with accepted industry standards for telephone wiring.


  • Brazos recommends that customers purchase a quality surge protector for connection of computers, DSL modems, and networking equipment.
  • Brazos also recommends that customers unplug phone line from DSL modem during storms and/or extended periods of time away from home.

Inside Wire Maintenance is included in this plan at no additional cost!!

To take advantage of the Brazos DSL Maintenance Plan, contact our Customer Care Team at
800-687-3222, or 940-564-5659.