facts about fiber optic cables

Fiber optic cables are pathways for data, and are able to transmit data at incredible speeds. These cables also have several other attributes that make them unique and a great choice for transmitting data.

They carry light. Since fiber optic cables are nonconductive they don’t carry electricity, but they do carry light. They use on and off light signals to make binary code. This defines the data that is transmitted. The fact that they utilize light also contributes to why fiber internet is fast internet.

Made of multiple layers. Fiber optic cables are made of many layers, which help make them strong. The core consists of a bundle of glass or silica strands. This core layer is then surrounded by a protective coating that protects the strands. On the exterior there is an additional layer of protection, the outer jacket. This also helps keep the light inside the strands and adds extra protection.

Super strong, but extra thin. Great things come in small sizes and fiber optic cables provide great performance even with being extra small and thin. Even though the glass or silica strands used in fiber optic cable are only 5-10 microns in diameter, they are incredibly strong. They have high tensile strength and have the capability to bend without breaking. They also have multiple layers of protection surrounding them. This helps lessen the risk of damage to fiber optic cables.

Very sustainable.– Fiber optic lines are made from silicon, which happens to be the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. The raw materials to create fiber are plentiful since the element can be found in rocks, soils, sands, and clay.

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