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How do I change my email password?

You may dial 940.564.5659 M-F between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm we are happy to assist you with these changes.

How do I set up email on my smartphone?

Depending on what type of phone you have, it is fairly easy to set up your email on your cell phone. Give us a call at 800.687.3222 or 940.564.5659 M-F 8:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m. and we will be happy to assist you.

How can I forward email to another email address that I own?

Using your Brazos Webmail account, click on the Preferences tab, Select the Mail tab (left hand column) scroll to Receiving Messages > Message Arrival: Forward a copy to: and enter the email address you would like to forward your email to.

How do I set up my Outlook email client?

To set up your email software, such as Outlook or other email clients you will need the following information:

Username: Your Brazos Internet Email Address
Password: Your Brazos Internet Password
Email Address: Your Brazos Internet

We recommend customers set up as IMAP
Incoming (IMAP) Mail Server:
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server:
Your outgoing mail server requires authentication

Call the Brazos Internet Help Desk 24/7 at 800.687.3222 for help setting up your email.

What size of an email can I send or receive?

The maximum incoming message size is 20 megabytes and the maximum outgoing message size is 20 Megabytes.

Internet 101

Do I need a landline if I want Internet service?

A phone line is NOT required for high-speed Internet from Brazos.

What is the difference between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHZ Wi-Fi?

2.4 GHz can reach further throughout your home or office, however interference issues are possible from other networks and household devices. 5 GHZ Wi-Fi is faster and is less likely to have interference issues, however the signal will not be able to travel as far.

Is a Wi-Fi connection as fast as a wired connection?

Most Wi-Fi connections will be slower than wired connections. This is due in part to interference caused by other Wi-Fi devices on your network. Since a wired connection is a direct connection to the wired device interferences can be avoided.

Do I really need faster Internet speed?

The average U.S. home now has over 10.5 devices. The more devices you own and the more you watch streaming video or use gaming devices the more likely you will need a faster connection. When adding new devices to your home or office network you may need to upgrade your Internet speed.

When family or guests are gaming why does Netflix buffer and stop?

Your Internet plan may not support all the Internet activities happening in your household. You might want to consider upgrading your Internet plan. Each device and activity is using part of your total Internet plan, a faster speed is recommend for families using multiple devices at once.

Protect Yourself

What is spam?

Unsolicited bulk emails that show up in your inbox. These types of emails are also referred to as junk mail. Most email clients such as Outlook will identify messages that are likely junk and move them to your Junk email folder. It is recommended to never post or give out your email address on public sites. Avoid using your personal or business email addresses online. Do not reply to spam messages, or click unsubscribe as this lets spammers know it is a valid email address. Be sure to keep your Anti-virus software up to date and set it to run scans often. If you have any questions about spam or junk mail feel free to contact our office at 800.687.3222.

What is phishing and how do I protect myself?

Phishing (fishing) is a scam where criminals send out messages that appear to come from a reliable source in an effort to get your personal information. Scammers go to great lengths to make their email/messages look like a company you know and trust. The FTC recommends protecting your computer by using security software, and having it set to update software automatically. Be suspicious of any email or message that ask for updates on personal or financial information – especially those urging an immediate response. Always back up your data, and save it to a resource other than your home or office network. If you suspect that you have been phished, please report it to the Anti-Phishing Working Group at If you have received a phishing text message, forward it to SPAM (7726). To learn more about phishing please visit

What is spyware and malware?

Spyware is programming that is put in someone’s computer to secretly gather information about the user. That information is then relayed to advertisers or other interested parties. Spyware is often deposited in a computer as a virus or when installing new programs. Malware is malicious software that damages devices, and attempts to collect your personal information for the purpose of profit.

Should I have anti-virus software?

Yes, anti-virus protection is very important for all computers. Without it you risk losing your personal data and files.
It is recommended that you keep your anti-virus software and malware software up to date. Make sure your software is set to do updates on a continuous or regular basis.

  • Do not open links inside emails from an unknown user…even if it appears trustworthy.
  • Do not open email attachments unless you know what it is.
  • Do not open any files attached to an email with a questionable subject line.
  • Never open or download files from strangers or unknown email addresses.
  • Back up your files on a regular basis.
  • Always use caution when downloading files from the Internet. Make sure you are downloading from a reputable source.
  • When in doubt, do not open, download or run any files.

If you think your computer has been compromised or would like to protect it from potential virus related problems, please contact our team of local experts. We can help you clean up your computer and answer any questions you might have.

Billing & Payments

When should I receive my Brazos bill and when is it due?

Brazos invoices are mailed at the first of the month are due by the 15th of the month.

What bill payment options do I have?

Brazos offers 5 convenient ways to pay your Brazos bill without having to leave the comfort of your home or vehicle.

  • Drop-box located in front of our office at 109 N. Ave D | Olney, TX
  • Regular Mail
  • Pay by Phone with credit card or electronic check
  • Pay online at
  • Set up monthly Auto Pay with credit card or blank check

If we can be of any assistance, please contact us toll free at 800.687.3222 or locally at 940.564.5659

How do I pay my bill online?

Visit our website at and click on the Go Green View/Pay My Bill link at the top of the page.  If you have any questions, or need assistance please give us a call at 800.687.3222 we are happy to help.

Does Brazos offer discounts for low-income customers?

Lifeline is a federal program offering telephone or Internet discounts to low-income customers.


What is my Battery Backup Information and Replacement Options
What are Brazos Long Distance & International Rates
What is the Lifeline Program
How do I sign up for the "Do Not Call" list?

You can sign up here:


What are Capital Credit Allocation Notices?

Brazos Communications is a cooperative that is owned by its members. Following IRS guidelines for cooperatives, our members are notified annually with a Capital Credit Allocation Notice. This notice represents each member’s allocation of the cooperative’s margin (profit) for the past year. (Capital Credit – The allocation of capital credit back to the members). 

The allocation is based on member patronage or the amount of money paid to Brazos for services during the year, shown in the patronage column. For example, if you are buying voice services from us, you will see a service line with a phone number and a patronage dollar amount. If you are buying Internet services, you will see a service line of Brazos Internet and a patronage dollar amount. The allocation column for these services represents the member’s portion of the prorated total of all our cooperative margins for the year.  The allocation amount (Capital Credit) goes to your membership account and is there for possible future payment.  Capital Credit payments are made at the discretion of the Board of Directors, based on the financial stability of the cooperative. 

We do recommend, due to the possibility of future payments of Capital Credits by the board, that you keep the allocation notices with your legal documents. Please note it is very important to notify our office of any address changes should you disconnect service and move, or in the event of the death of a member.  

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For any other questions, please write us at or call us toll free at 800.687.3222 or locally at 940.564.5659.