Well it finally happened. I am now the proud owner of an iPhone 4s.  OMG!  It’s the first thing that comes out of your mouth when trying to describe it to those who have not made the transition. It is unbelievable how much fun it is to surf the web from my recliner.  The most liberating thing about it is all surfing is done via my home Wi-Fi connection.  That means no overage on my data plan.  As you know, unlimited data plans from most wireless providers are a thing of the past.  Did I tell how cool it is to see your phone pick up the Wi-Fi signal and display those famous hash marks on your phone when you walk in the front door?  Once you have set up the Wi-Fi you never have to do it again.  How awesome is that?  

The whole set up was fairly easy.  First, I purchased my wireless router from Brazos Internet.  Second, I followed the very simple instructions enclosed with the router and followed the on screen commands, making sure my wireless router was password protected. The next thing to do was to activate the wireless connection on my iPhone which included entering my router’s password. Again, it was a surprisingly simple process.  Internet at my finger tips has literally become a reality thanks to Brazos and my Wi-Fi home network.  Working cross word puzzles will never be the same.   Now when stumped by a clue, its internet search to the rescue.  So, today I need someone to figure out how a person can surf and walk on the treadmill at the same time……anybody?

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