It has come to our attention that an iPhone Gift Card scam is circulating in the area on various Facebook newsfeeds and via text message.  This scam is claiming that your iPhone has been randomly selected to receive a $1000 gift card.  This message has no connection to Brazos Communications and is NOT from us.  This scam is designed to trick you into giving personal information to criminals.

If you received a text message or have seen a post on your Facebook newsfeed please do not click on either one. Like many phishing scams those behind this only want to collect your information and commit credit card fraud, and login to your iPhone account.  If they are able to collect enough information they just might be able to steal your identity.

Remember these fraudulent scams can be very authentic looking.  Apple suggests that you report phishing attempts and other suspicious messages. If you suspect activity on your iPhone account that you did not authorize, please contact Apple Support immediately at