The television screen lights up all sienna, I hear music and there it is… that famous snow capped mountain with its halo of stars and I know I’ve finally reached it, movie nirvana.  Now one of the elite, the technically savvy who watch the latest movies online, celebrates with a small victory  dance before settling in to watch the latest Paramount Studios has to offer.      

Once again my viewing habits are changed forever. First it was DVR’s and the ability to record my favorite programs and play them whenever my schedule allowed.  Now it is watching online movies using my high-speed internet connection from Brazos Internet.  The next liberating event will be streaming one movie on the television while someone else watches a different movie on their laptop or smart phone.  Which, I know, most of you are already doing, but for us newbies this is huge.     Now, entertainment has become more than just changing channels on the remote control, it is something I can be in charge of.   

The interesting thing is how my internet use has evolved over the last few years.  In the beginning internet use was justified as something the kids needed for school and when a little research was needed.   Now, it is as important to my family as lights and water with uses that have become endless.   Everyday tasks like banking, updating social networks, shopping, stock trading, weight loss management,  preparing tax returns, and continuing education  are  just a few of the ways the internet has dramatically changed our lives.     

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