Scrolling through your inbox looking for an important message that is a few weeks old can be time consuming and frustrating. Even if you are like “Miss Organized” and have your emails neatly labeled and tucked away; you may find yourself on the hunt for that special message. Here is a neat trick I discovered and now use it at least once a week.

Open your Microsoft Outlook software making sure your Inbox folder is open. Try typing the name of the person or organization you are looking for in the Search box.  The Search Box is located just above Today and right below Inbox. Simply type in the first name of the person you are looking for and Outlook will start listing all emails with that name. The neat thing is the emails with that name will be highlighted in yellow.  Now you can scroll through them until you find the correct one you are looking for.

Even if you aren’t very organized this search option will have you feeling efficient in no time. If you have discovered a neat shortcut and you would like to share it, just drop us a line at

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