Did you get a new iPhone or iPad for Christmas? If so, and you are setting it up yourself, this tech tip might help.

Transfer all your information from your old device to the new one.

Quick Start – iOS 11

  1. Power on both your old iPhone or iPad and your new iPhone or iPad.
  2. Choose your language on your new device. Then you’ll see a prompt that says “set up your iPhone or iPad.”
  3. Move your two devices closer together.
  4. Tap continue when you see the pop-up that lets you know you can use Automatic Setup.
  5. Use the camera on your old device to scan an image that will appear on the screen of your device. Make sure you have sufficient ambient light for the camera to see the image.
  6. Enter your passcode from the old device on our new device. Your data will start transferring automatically.

Make sure that you backup your previous iOS so that you can transfer the content to the new device.

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