Infrastructure Managed Services

Management of core technology infrastructure including storage servers, LAN/WAN, wireless networks and back-ups

Brazos Internet can help your organization ensure that all core technology infrastructure elements including storage servers, LAN/WAN, wireless networks and back-ups are properly monitored and maintained without having to dedicate a full-time team to handle the workload. With our Infrastructure Managed Services, our team of experienced consultants will provide around the clock maintenance to guarantee maximum uptime and accessibility, as well as manage updates so your systems operate at peak performance.

We focus on providing flexibility, reliability and protection as it relates to all of your infrastructure components and we are always looking to proactively bring ideas to the table for continual improvement. We will help you gain peace of mind by having experienced technology professionals readily available to identify issues before they happen and provide quick remediation when they do.


  • Best in class processes and consistency of technical oversight
  • Access 24/7 support and seasoned technical staff through our comprehensive Help Desk
  • Reduce expenses by utilizing incremental outside resources vs. full-time internal staff
  • Transfer risk and mitigate the potential for downtime and system failures
  • Improve operational productivity and return on technology investment by ensuring maximum system effectiveness