Unclaimed Capital Credits

Receiving capital credit refunds is one of the many advantages of being a Cooperative member. Revenue received from members in excess of operating costs is allocated to members’ capital credit accounts in proportion to their telecommunications billing each year.  Capital credit allocations are set aside in individual accounts for future board distribution approvals. Brazos is required to keep a list of all capital credit allocations that were not claimed.  If you move and are no longer a member of the Cooperative, the capital credits remain in your account.  It is very important to notify Brazos of any address change or the death of a member. Please review the list of unclaimed capital credits below. If your name is on the list, or you have any contact information for individuals on the list, please call our office. Click here to view the Unclaimed Capital Credit List

Donation of Capital Credits to the Brazos Scholarship Program – The Brazos College  Scholarship Program is designed to “give back” to the communities we serve. If you are interested in finding out more about donating capital credits, please contact our HR department at 940.564.5659 or dial 1.800.687.3222.   Click here to learn more about the Brazos College Scholarship Program. If you have any questions about capital credits, please contact our Customer Service Department at 940.564.5659 or dial 1.800.687.3222. Thank you for choosing Brazos Telephone Cooperative, Inc.