Call Blocking Program

Newly Implemented Call Blocking Program 

Brazos Communications has implemented a call blocking program that prevents incoming illegal robocalls and other unwanted calls from reaching customers.   We provide this call blocking to customers by default (on an opt-out basis) and free of charge, as we believe most of our customers find these types of calls to be a nuisance.  Using call analytics, our program determines which calls to block based on the following factors. Brazos is a part of an intercarrier service that provides and receives call analytics to grade the reliability of the originating phone number.  If the call has a low reliability grade then it will be blocked from calling into our network.  While the Brazos call blocking program selectively targets calls that most customers do not want to receive, there is a risk that it may, at times, inadvertently block wanted calls.

If you wish to continue receiving the call blocking service, you do not need to take any action.  However, if you want to opt-out of the call blocking service or receive additional information, please contact us, Brazos Communications, Inc., 109 N Ave. D, Olney, TX  76374; or you may call (940) 564-5659 or toll free 1-800-687-3222.