This Christmas I was so excited when opening my present…. there it was, this cute little pink metal square confirming that Santa had heard my request.  With faith restored, it was put aside until later when I could concentrate on setting it up. 

The time finally came and it was met with a little uncertainty.  Private pep talks of “you can do this” echoed in my mind, after all, you’ve loaded software, worked with creative suites and did alright.  So, this should be a snap, nothing to it, right?   

Now, let me explain the simplest thing about this whole experience was the fact that my Brazos Internet (which I love and have finally realized is taken for granted) was ready and willing to take me anywhere.

Going to the iTunes site admittedly was fun.  It is truly amazing the number of tunes and albums you can find. Anyway, after finding the right “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” album I was ready to sync up my iPod.  Two hours and two tech support calls later (to iTunes) my tunes were finally on the cute little metal square.  By this time it was too dark and cold to walk at the track and believe me I needed to sweat to the oldies.

All of that to say, make sure the usb cord (power end) is really pushed in well to the iPod. It will fool you. This really is a tough little gadget. It will have you thinking the cord is secure when in fact it is not.  By now the second tech support person had put me on hold, and I was repeating each step again for the third time.  Like magic it just started syncing up with hardly a key stroke from me. Naturally, I quietly hung up the phone.