Brazos Communications is a cooperative that is owned by it members. Following IRS guidelines for cooperatives, our members are notified annually with a Capital Credit Allocation Notice. This notice represents each member’s allocation of the cooperative’s margin (profit) for the past year. (Capital Credit – The allocation of capital credit back to the members).

The allocation is based on member patronage or the amount of money paid to Brazos for services during the year, shown in the patronage column. For example, if you are buying voice services from us, you will see a service line with a phone number and a patronage dollar amount. If you are buying Internet services, you will see a service line of Brazos Internet and a patronage dollar amount.  The allocation column for these services represents the member’s portion of the prorated total of all our cooperative margins for the year. The allocation amount (Capital Credit) goes to your membership account and is there for possible future payment. Capital Credit payments are made at the discretion of the Board of Directors, based on the financial stability of the cooperative.

We do recommend, due to the possibility of future payments of Capital Credits by the board, that you keep the allocation notices with your legal documents. Please note it is very important to notify our office of any address changes should you disconnect service and move, or in the event of the death of a member.